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Termites are often referred to as White Ants. Termites are highly destructive to buildings and timber structures, they account for more than 70% of serious damage to buildings in Western Australia alone. Termites can be found attacking homes, buildings, fence poles, timber landscaping, wood, and trees.

Termite activity within your home is a serious problem and can cause significant structural damage in some cases. More often than not termites access your home undetected entering through tiny cracks in paving, flooring and concrete, accessing cavity walls. Once termites are in your home they can destroy the roof and wall timber within months (an extremely expensive job to repair). Although termites cause more damage to homes in Western Australia than fire, floods and storms home insurance DOES NOT cover for termite damage.

Frontline offer affordable termite barrier installation and guidance on the different termite treatment options available to protect your home effectively from termites.

Frontline will offer you the right termite control treatment to suit your budget, home and family safety using our local experience and knowledge.

Frontline know that eliminating termites can be stressful and daunting for the home owner, with concerns about the damage being caused to your home by termites, pricing and chemical choice. With this in mind, we narrow the choices down for you, only using the highest quality in termite protection products with the best value in pricing.

Why Choose Frontline Pest Management For Your Termite Pest Control Treatment??

  • Frontline offer low priced annual termite inspections from $165
  • Frontline offer a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTATION for protection against termites specialised for your property
  • Frontline Pest Management offer affordable set pricing for termite control based only on chemical choice and linear meter of your home
  • Frontline Pest Management use the highest quality products to treat and protect your home/business from termites
  • Frontline Pest Management are Termidor Accredited operators for termite eradication
  • Frontline termite barriers are guaranteed to treat and protect your home for 5 or 8 years
  • Frontline procedures exceed the current Australian standards 3660.2, giving you complete confidence and satisfaction
Termite treatment Mandurah Rockingham Baldivis
Termite treatment Mandurah Rockingham Baldivis

Methods of Treatment

  • Chemical Termite Barrier Installation, to soil around building via injection/under paving/ trenching
  • Termite Baiting and Monitoring Systems
Termite treatment Mandurah Rockingham Baldivis

Full property inspections with comprehensive reporting from $165