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Spider Control Mandurah Baldivis Rockingham
Pest Control Mandurah Baldivis Rockingham
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spider spray external
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Spider Ex Ant Ex Cockroach
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The most common spiders in Western Australia are the Red Back spider, TheWhite-Tailed spider, Huntsman and Daddy Long Legs. Although they all look pretty scary and no one likes to live with them the Huntsman and Daddy Long Legs spiders are both harmless with the Daddy Long Legs being useful to keep around due to it feeding on Red Back spiders.

Red Back Spider

The Red Back spider can cause serious illness and has even caused deaths. The venom reacts directly to the central nervous system causing pain, sweating, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, muscular weakness, loss of consciousness and sometimes violent convulsions.

White – Tailed Spider

The White-Tailed spider bites can cause burning pain followed by swelling and itchiness. They have also been known to cause welts and blistering, bacterial infection of the bitten area and severe skin ulcerations.

Methods Of Treatment

  • Residual Spray
  • Dusting Of Roof Void
  • Smoke Generators

Frontline Pest Management are trained to professionally and effectively eradicate your home and gardens from spiders, see our PEST CONTROL PACKAGE DEALS for great savings.

If you are bitten by a spider DO NOT bandage the area.

Make sure you restrict movement, apply ice and seek medical attention. You can also call the Poisons Hotline on 13 11 26

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