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Mice and Rats

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Mice are a huge pest in homes and businesses in the right conditions mice can breed up to 11 times a year producing a litter of 4-6 each time.

mice and rat control mandurah baldivis rockinghamRats live in damp and dark dwellings usually near water such as lakes, canals and creeks. They can be found in drains, under concrete, garages, and roof voids. Because of their unsanitary living conditions they are often carriers of disease and health risks. Rats can cause severe damage to buildings by gnawing through electrical cables often causing fires or interruption to your power supply or your internet access.

For safety of pets and children we provide locked plastic bait boxes when placing treatments at ground level, our highly trained technicians ensure they place boxes in the best place to eradicate rodents but also for the safety of your pests and young children.

rodent control mandurah baldivis rockingham

Frontline Pest Management offer Rodent Treatments
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