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Fleas are wingless biting insects that can commonly be found on domestic cats and dogs, as well as other animals. Fleas have been known to bite humans leaving itchy red areas on the skin. As only adult fleas bite humans if you have bites, it’s a sure sign that there is an infestation present.

Fleas hatch from eggs laid in an animal’s fur by an adult flea. The eggs fall from the fur and land on surfaces like bedding, carpeting or soil in the animal’s environment. Fleas tend to be more common during the warmer seasons and often come as a surprise as they are so small, they can go undetected in the environment for some time before there is a large population to deal with.

The best approach to managing fleas is prevention. Direct treatment of animals regularly with veterinary recommended treatments is the best prevention. Infestations can be a challenge to get under control and often become expensive.

Frontline offer renters upon vacating property a real estate compliant flea treatment to fulfill your end of lease agreements when renting with animals. This is a targeted treatment to the room edges and perimeter of the house; we then provide a treatment record and receipt for you to provide to the real estate when handing in the keys as part of the vacating a property.

Frontline can organise real estate compliant flea vacate treatment after your carpet clean

Fleas Dog and Cat Mandurah Baldivis Rockingham
Flea Treatment Mandurah Rockingham Baldivis

Frontline Pest Management Offer Eradication of Fleas

Flea vacate bond treatment $99

or full flea treatments from $205 for active fleas


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