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Internal Cockroaches

Internal Cockroaches are a severe problem in many homes and work places. The most common cockroach in Western Australia is the German Cockroach. They prefer warmer places to live such as fridges, microwaves and backs of cupboards. Cockroaches are not only unsightly guests to have visit your kitchen; they carry unpleasant smells and can cause food poisoning. One cockroach can lead to thousands with a German cockroach maturing in only six weeks, and living up to six months, with females producing up to 350 cockroaches in their lifespan.

Frontline offer comprehensive cockroach treatments to both residential and commercial clients, following health and safety regulations and guidelines.

External Cockroaches

External Cockroaches are a flying insect that inhabit dark damp areas such as garden beds, long grass, plant pots and under outdoor furniture, taking over residential outdoor areas, they carry an unpleasant smell and run across outdoor tables, chairs, barbeques and through gardens. If not treated they can reproduce by the hundreds, often external cockroaches make their way inside.

Cockroach control and treatment Mandurah Baldivis Rockingham

Methods of Treatment

  • Gel Baiting
  • Aerosol
  • Residual Spray
  • Dusting of Electrical Appliances
  • Gassing

Frontline offer comprehensive Internal Cockroach Treatments from $235

External Cockroach Treatments from $180

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cockroach treatment mandurah rockingham baldivis