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Bees & Wasps

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Bees and Wasps


The most common bee found in Western Australia is the Honey Bee. When Bees sting small muscles work barbs inwards to penetrate deeply, poison from the sac is then pumped into the skin causing pain, which can be followed by swelling and itching. Sometimes with a sting the area can be swollen for 3-4 days. An allergic reaction will happen almost instantly with blotches appearing all over the body, eyes watering, itching hands and feet and swelling to the face. In severe cases the throat can swell making breathing difficult and causing low blood pressure and unconsciousness.


There are two common types of wasps in Western Australia the Paper wasp andEuropean wasp. Paper wasps nests can be located in fence capping, roof tiles, under eaves and in dense shrubs. Paper wasps will sting repeatedly if you approach their nests.

European wasps nests are around the size of a large ball, and usually found underground but sometimes can be located in wall cavities and roofs. European wasps feed on meats, fish and can be seen around pet food and rubbish bins; they will attack if you approach their nest.

You should NOT try to remove or treat a bee/wasp nest yourself as you may put yourself in potential and unnecessary danger.

Frontline pest management technicians are highly trained in the treatment of bee/wasp nests and can treat them safely and effectively eliminating the risk.

Methods Of Treatment:

  • Residual Spray
  • Dusting
  • Smoke Generator

Please Note: Nests are NOT removed only treated.

Frontline Pest Management Guarantee To Eliminate Any Nest/ Hive From Your Property Effectively And Promptly.

If you receive a sting from a bee remove the barb immediately, apply ice or cold packs to the area to reduce swelling, with both bee and wasp stings. If you believe you are having an allergic reaction please seek immediate medical attention.

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